Argus Properties Ltd.

Property Management

Building long-lasting relationships is the key success to in our business.

As a company, we offer a full-service package from construction and leasing, to property management and maintenance services.  We will do our utmost to service our properties, Commercial Property Lease Kelownaand keep everything running smoothly.  Our clients are our number one priority, and we take their concerns seriously.

Our property management team services all of our commercial, industrial, retail, and residential properties by maintaining and renovating buildings, landscaping, and dealing with day-to-day issues.  We are here to provide top-quality service and advice, and to ensure that our buildings and properties are to standard code.  

Our Property Management team professionals are the people who tirelessly offer quality service within the optimum time while considering the tenants' interests.

For service inquiries, please contact Property Management at 250-763-6789.

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