Argus Properties Ltd.


From time to time, Argus Properties is involved in build-to-suit projects for clients, or adding another building to the Argus family.

The projects start from a simple request to expand space onto an existing building, or constructing a brand new building.

The process starts with the blueprints, and carried forward through the many stages of approval, until engineering and construction gets involved to finalize the plans of the build-to-suit.  Our construction team takes over from this point, overseeing the multiple contractors and the construction crew in the building from the ground up.  It takes the efforts of the many to produce the whole, resulting in a magnificent building, which started from an idea!

Argus Properties’ recent projects have been showcased at Tempest Heli Parts, UBCO Star Program, Four Points by Sheraton, Kelowna Airport and the Alpine Aerotech building in West Kelowna.