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UBCO's Management Students Hits The Marker Again!

April 20, 2015

UBCO's Management students have made a big impression on this year's visiting international entrepreneur, Totalamber.  The third year Management students had a little over 48 hours to bring forth business ideas to further boost the vision for Totalamber.  This is the fourth annual Live Case Challenge sponsored by Argus Properties that teaches students business skills ranging from the basic strategy to complex marketing ideas to bring about the further success of a company, whilst only provided with a limited time to work with!

This was an opportunity for CEO, Alan O'Neill of Totalamber to view the students in action with the theory and skills that they had acquired throughout the year at UBC.  Their business presentation needed to have solid research and statistics to support their business idea.

Totalamber has offices in Kelowna, Colombo, Sri Lanka and the UK.  Totalamber is a business to business enterprise that provides support and consulting services using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems to support businesses in their information streaming.  

This Live Case Challenge is held on campus each Spring, and is a great opportunity for the current year's business partner (Totalamber this year) to be the judge of the students to select the most compatible business response to their question, and be able to walk away with the idea to implement it in their local business!  This year, a group of hard working students became the finalist in the competition, and the first place winners won a $5000 prize, while the two runner-up teams received a prize of $1500, thanks to the sponsorship of Argus Properties. Not a bad prize for pouring in all their sweat and hard work in such a short period of time!  On top of this prize, the students get to have their names engraved on the Argus Cup that is proudly displayed in the Management department at UBCO.  This year's winning students are: Douglas Canning, Regina Garcia Gonzalez, David Kuhn, Aneeq Siddiqui, Siqi Tan, and Davis Yates.

Congratulations to all of the students who participated!

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