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Safety, Creating a Safe Work Environment

January 12, 2015

For years, safety in the work place has been an essential and key component to every job, from the office to the workers on site. It is the responsibility of the business to make sure their employees are well trained and educated about the safety on every job.

Did you know that last year 25% of workers were injured in falls, 23% of workers were injured in overextension, and 22% of workers were hit by various falling objects? There are many tips and training procedures that companies can follow and apply to create a safer work environment.

Here are some quick tips and reminders for ourselves to help create a safer work environment:

Tips for Avoiding Slips & Falls:

  • As you walk around keep an eye on the floors to make sure nothing is wet from shoes, or that nothing has spilt on the floors around the office and in the kitchen.
  • If you do see a spill, always clean it up.
  • Never climb on shelving units or anything else to get things, always use a stepladder.
  • For workers onsite always make sure that you harness in when working at heights.

Tips for lifting properly:

Never bend at the waist and lift anything with your back. Always keep your upper body straight and parallel with your lower legs, grab the item and push up with your legs and not your back.

Fire Plan:

Make sure your company has a fire plan in place in case of emergencies, and have a set meeting place arranged that is outside and away from the building.

Health & Safety:

  • Have a list of everyone that has First Aid and know when certificates run out.
  • Have two First Aid attendants (individuals that are usually in the office).
  • Have a checklist of things that are in your First Aid kit, and at the end of every month, have the First Aid attendant make sure everything that you need is stocked up and if not to order some more.
  • Make sure to have mops and brooms on hand if there is anything broken in the kitchen.
  • Report any injuries or incidents to your Office Manager and your First Aid Attendant.

At the end of the day, the safety of our workplace is in our hands. Being a team and working together will help keep our workplace free and clear of accidents, injuries and many risks.

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