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Marjorie Callahan Early Learning Centre Dedication

July 4, 2017

Pictured Susanne Raye, Aberdeen Hall Director of Junior School and Kindergartners presenting a thank you card to Ted Callahan 

Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School is proud to dedicate their Early Learning Centre to the memory of grandparent, Marjorie Callahan. Marjorie was a loving mother and grandmother, strong supporter of quality early education and a dedicated teacher.

The Callahan family have been tremendous supporters of the school since its inception. Their belief in the value of education and generosity towards it have helped Aberdeen Hall grow into a world-class institution.

Aberdeen Hall is the pre‐eminent independent school in the Okanagan. The school equips students with the skills and attitudes necessary to have success at University, and to lead meaningful, fulfilling lives as compassionate and contributing citizens.

The Marjorie Callahan Early Learning Centre welcomes 80 students every day from ages 3 – 6 and helps create a solid foundation of basic skills, fosters a love of learning, and develops self-esteem.

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