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Live Case Challenge Launch 2019

March 18, 2019

The annual Live Case Challenge inspires third-year Management students at UBCO to innovate and think on their feet to solve complex problems, and apply their classroom learning to tackle a selected organization's real-life challenge.  In the annual Live Case Challenge, only one group comes out on top, receiving the Argus Cup and a $5,000 prize.

The students have six weeks to break down the case, research the industry, develop options and outline creative and sustainable solutions.  In tournament-style rounds, groups of students present their recommendations in front of a panel of judges, including professors, alumni and representatives from the case organization. They are scored according to the innovation of their idea, quality of analysis and overall performance.

Teams have an opportunity to refine their presentation during the rounds on competition day if they are chosen to move forward towards the final judging. During the final round, three teams present in front of a packed theatre of peers and professionals, with one emerging as the procalimed winner during the reception presentation afterwards.  

A previous student from 2017, Haayer said that, "we had six weeks to work on this, and we had to maintain that steam throughout that time, hammering down implementation and keeping that effort up right to the final seconds, so that you’re giving it everything you’ve got.”  

The Live Case Challenge for 2019 launched on March 6, 2019 to an applause for Telemark Nordic Club, the participating organization that will be the case study for the current third year students.  Telemark offers the public 50 km of professionally groomed cross country ski trails for skate and classic skiing, as well as 60 km of snow shoe trails through ponderosa and cedar forests.  Telemark Nordic Club also offers rentals and lessons for children and adults.

It will be exciting to see what innovative ideas and plans that the students will create for the 2019 Live Case Challenge.


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