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Hotel Eldorado Marina is Nominated for a Commercial Building Award

October 24, 2018


The construction of a $2.5 million project at the Hotel Eldorado marina has created quite the buzz this week in the Business Examiner's October issue.  The Hotel Eldorado Marina was chosen as a nominee for an award for a Commercial Building Award, because of the environmentally conscious project.  The project that started in 2017 saw the removal of the 30 slips that were constructed from the 1980s, and was replaced with 66 new slips, a lakefront boardwalk, a two-storey operations building, and a floating fuel barge.  There were hundreds of piles driven into the lake to create the support for this construction, and done before the spawning of fish in April, so as to minimize the environmental impact.  Argus Properties worked with both an environmental consultant, and the Ministry of the Environment to ensure that all requirements were met for this project, which included using the 'Thruflow' decking that allows sunlight to permeate through to the lake keep the balance of the ecosystem.

The breathtaking result of such a construction not only adds to the view, walking pleasure of pedestrians and patrons of the Eldorado, but also to the marine life and environment of Lake Okanagan.

A full article in the Business Examiner can be read here.


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