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Gulfstream Lounge & Grill at the Four Points

September 25, 2014

It has been a great first year of events for both the Four Points by Sheraton and the Ric's Grill restaurant, since the hotel and restaurant opened its doors back in June 2013. There has been much success and positive reviews for both the hotel, and the independently owned Ric's Grill restaurant across from the airport.

There was some controversy recently around the Ric's Grill brand when the downtown restaurant closed its doors, and announced that it had difficulty fulfilling it's financial requirements.  The independently owned restaurant across from the airport was not affiliated financially with the Ric's Grill brand, and therefore continued to function as it's own restaurant.  During this period, the owner and restaurant managers took the opportunity to re-brand the restaurant, and create a new and exciting menu to present to the public.  The restaurant has now been rebranded as the Gulfstream Lounge and Grill.  It offers guests delicious meals in a contemporary and relaxing environment, and their menu serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared with fresh ingredients that has something for everyone.  The restaurant boasts a custom-made wine cooler wall with over 2,800 bottles of international and local wines, an inviting bar surrounded by wide-screen TVs for the sports enthusiasts, and a restaurant area for those who want to eat-in and enjoy the atmosphere.

It's a 'new start' for the Gulfstream Lounge and Grill restaurant, with budding flavours and an opportunity for the chef to experiment and satisfy the palates of the people within Kelowna, and  any visitor who may chance to pass through.  Slight changes have been spotted around the restaurant.  The Ric's Grill logo on the wall outside of the restaurant is now an antiquated clock, the menus bear the new name, and the menu itself has some new flavours ready to be tasted and tried.

There has been many changes within a short time period for a restaurant, and the Gulfstream Lounge and Grill is proving that it is still swimming in the big leagues!

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