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Earth Day 2016

April 22, 2016


Earth Day

Friday, April 22, 2016



Earth Day reminds us that our planet won’t wait forever - but we don’t need Earth Day to have a reason to contribute to the well-being of our Earth.

Argus Properties in the Community
Argus Properties strives to be a leader within the real estate development industry, and make positive additions to the landscape of the surrounding communitieswithin the Okanagan, a responsibility taken with great pleasure.

Argus Environmental Case Study: Waste Collection Consolidating
We are pleased to share our recent waste management initiatives implemented throughout our portfolio achieving positive results for our tenants and the environment.
The idea to reduce costs and have a positive impact on the environment by diverting recycling and cardboard out of our landfills were the basis for reevaluating waste collection processes.By implementing a consolidated waste collection program for tenants, Argus Properties has been able to achieve value for all stakeholders by:  

  • Consolidating the number of required weekly collections aids in reducing traffic congestion, fuel consumption and Co2 emissions  
  • Retrofitting of garbage enclosures ensures greater security for access to tenants only
  • On average a decrease of 50% to the overall cost for waste removal to tenants
  • Tracking diversion rates over 54% which meet the benchmarks for commercial industry standards, and we’re hoping with increased efforts on everyone’s part we can far surpass values

Here are some easy tips we all can use to be more environmentally aware at the work place.

Encourage carpooling or alternatives to driving: Transportation in Canada contributes roughly 26% to national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Every piece of paper counts: Although paper (fiber) is the highest recycled material in the workplace, it’s also the most disposed of material that could be diverted from going to the landfill.
Turn off computers and monitors: A computer monitor alone uses up to 75 % of the energy powering a computer.  
Drink water: Drinking water in the workplace is critical for productivity and mental alertness. Enjoy a glass of water (in a reusable glass of course) to appreciate the availability for clean and safe tap water in our region. 

Earth Day can also be a time to re-think, re-commit and renew efforts for living more sustainably. Argus Properties would love to hear what your company did to participate for Earth Day, and share with others how your efforts are making an impact in the community we live in. 

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