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Deer Along Brandt's Creek

June 23, 2016

1060 Manhattan Drive is uniquely located along Brandt's Creek to which seeing deer in the area becomes a daily occurrence. Mule deer descend from Knox Mountain thanks to the abundance of food along Brandt’s Creek and the limited presence of large predators.


A tenant at the Manhattan caught a photo of these fawns sunning themselves at the backside of the building along Brandt's Creek. Photos are great, but the SPCA and BC Conservation remind the public to never come in contact with the dawns. Deer are very sensitive to smells, a mother will abandon her young if it smells of humans. To learn more about deer in our region check out the BC Conservation website.

Mule deer making new friends.The metal artwork of a mule deer stands 9 ft. tall and each component was hand sculpted by Braden Kiefiuk, the artist. To learn more about this impressive sculpture, click here.




Footage posted by Castanet of a deer outfront the Manhattan building earlier this week.


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