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Closure of Rutland's Only Walk-in Medical Clinic

June 1, 2016

The only medical clinic in Kelowna’s largest neighborhood will be closing its doors this summer for lack of doctors.

The Rutland Medical clinic located at Willow Park Shopping Centre opened its doors over 20 years ago, originally opening with 17 doctors. Today, however, the lack of available doctors to replace those going into retirement has forced the closure of the clinic. According to head of Walk-in Clinics of B.C. Association, Mike McLoughlin, the clinic was seeing over 40,000 patients a year.

The closure of this walk-in clinic is not only a problem for the Rutland community, but the rest of Kelowna as most clinics are already handling more patients than they can serve.

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UPDATE - KelownaNow 8/24/2016:

Why the only walk-in clinic in Rutland shut its doors after 20 years

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