Argus Properties Ltd.

A Christmas Gift For The Food Bank

December 14, 2015

Being a part of the community, and developing a sense of connectedness is very important to the employees here at Argus Properties.  We believe that by assisting others with donations, or lending a hand is a way for all of us to be able to improve others’ lives a little step at a time, and participating in a community that cares and respects one another.

This year, Argus Properties has donated $2500 to the Kelowna Food Bank to assist in their efforts to provide nutritious food and packages to those who require that little bit, or a lot more support.  There are always times in our lives that we need an extra boost, and Argus Properties hopes that this will lighten someone’s load.

Argus as a group has learnt that not all people who come to the Kelowna Food Bank are homeless.  There are some that do have a home, but require that extra supplement to sustain their physical and mental health to continue along their own personal journeys every day, and to gain that goal that may have not been in reach before.  We believe that a strong community is developed through the caring efforts, and generosity of people helping people.  The idea is to reach out first on a smaller scale and then to the larger community.

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